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2014 NYC Food Film Fest Announces Lineup

2014 NYC Food Film Fest Announces Lineup
30 December, 2018

2014 NYC Food Film Fest Announces Lineup

More than 30 delectable films will be on display at the 8th annual New York City Food Film Festival to be held Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd.

More than 30 delectable films - including 12 world premieres - will be featured at the 2014 New York City Food Film Festival to be held from October 29th until November 2nd. Some of the highly-anticipated films at this year's event are: Finding Gastón, a documentary about Peruvian superstar chef Gastón Acurio; Sriracha, the history behind the famous hot sauce; and Guacamole - A Gambling Recipe, a food western about the iconic avocado dip.

The judges and other events to be held at the festival have yet to be announced but you can scroll down to see a list of participating films. For more information, swing by the event website.

The NYC Food Film Festival will be followed by sister festivals in Chicago (Nov. 20-22) and Charleston (Spring 2015). Here's a look at some of the films to be featured in the New York edition:

WATCH: Finding Gaston (Trailer)



WATCH: Guacamole - A Gambling Recipe (Trailer)

Here are the 2014 NYC Food Film Festival Official Selections: 

1 Minute Meal: Slice Discrimination
Dir. James Boo, 1 min
The heir to a legendary neighborhood pizzeria struggles to keep the New York Slice alive.

1 Minute Meal: Su Propia Liga
Dir. James Boo, 1 min
On the streets of Queens, one Mexico City cook combines his love of sandwiches with his love of soccer.

10,000 Bunnies
Dir. James Reford, 4 min, World Premiere
Chocolate bunny porn and the craft of artisanal chocolatier Eric Lobignat.

The Art and Science of Beer
Dir. Matt Checkowski, 5:41 min, New York Premiere
Charlie “The Pope of Foam” Bamforth explains the beautiful, artistic symphony that plays in every pint of beer.

Dir. Charles Grantham, 2 min, World Premiere
Food Porn star Larry Cauldwell breaks new ground with his latest film...A rap video about his balls.

Big B.L.A.T.
Dir. Scott Pitts, 1 min, World Premiere
Bacon, lettuce, avocado with a heaping of juicy red tomatoes, zesty sriracha mayo and tangy tomato jam.

Brewmore Baltimore
Dir. Nicholas Kovacic, 56 min, New York Premiere
Brewmore Baltimore chronicles the rich history of the beer industry in Baltimore and the city’s vision to reclaim it’s past.

Calling All Chefs
Dir. Nubar Alexanian, 5:30 min, World Premiere
The story of the improbable collaboration between a sub shop owner and a Michelin-starred Italian chef who needed a job.

Finding Gaston
Dir. Patricia Perez, 75 min
Discover the man that is trying to change Peru with his food.

Food, Friends & Family
Dir. Joe Clifford, 3.34 min, World Premiere
Food brings everyone together.

French Fries and Ice Cream
Dir. Potluck Creative, 2:11 min,
Michelin-starred Chef Phillip Foss of EL ideas reinvents french fries and ice cream into a signature dish.

Gin Tonic Black
Dirs. Missisi & Jonnzo, 1:26 min, World Premiere
An homage to the famous Gin and Tonic. Timeless. Tasteful.

Guacamole - A Gambling Recipe
Dir. Francesca Nobili, 2:52 min, New York Premiere
A food western about a GOOD avocado, two BAD chilli peppers and an UGLY tomato.

Head On: Shrimping in The Lowcountry
Dir. George Motz, New York Premiere
There is nothing like wild-caught South Carolina shrimp. Learn why from the Lowcountry shrimpers and chefs that make their livelihood from this tasty local shellfish.

Hog on Hog
Dir. Robert Cole, 3:05 min, World Premiere
Chef Ian Kapitan takes a ride through NYC and shows us how to make one of his signature dishes: Porchetta di Testa.

Lemon Muffins With a Sweet Surprise
Dirs. Missisi & Jonnzo, 1:26 min, New York Premiere
A "miniature world" of the lemon-coconut muffin recipe.

The Mobile Blues
Dir. Jim Cosco, 4 minutes, New York Premiere
Join Chef Chris Hastings as he and local crab fishermen give a first-hand look at crabbing on Mobile Bay.

The Oyster Men
Dirs. Peter Crosby/Show Love, 7 min, World Premiere
The rare practice of diving for oysters in Long Island Sound.

Dir. Robert Grieves, 6.45 min
The world of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a devious fast-food vendor whose methods provoke life changing events. Animation

Simple As That
Dirs. Kari Branch, Ashley McCue, Russell Walker, 12:01 min, NYC Premiere
A film about hope, partnership, and the gritty determination of a West Texas couple who produce artisan goat cheese in Marfa, Texas.

The Spalding Oyster
Dir. Conor Hagen, 10:30 min, World Premiere
Meet Johnny Hoy - stone mason, musician, artist and oyster fisherman - as he ventures out onto the vast and stunning Tisbury Great Pond to hunt down the Spalding Oyster.

Dir. Griffin Hammond, 33:03 min
The origin story of the iconic hot sauce, finally revealed.

A Story of Tastes
Dirs. Florent & Rémy Gaillard, 4:45 min, World Premiere
What happens when a young winemaker, Basile Tesseron, and icon of French cuisine, Michel Guerard, cross paths.

Sweet, Sexy Ocean
Dir. Alexander Finden, 17:50 min
A documentary about the sea urchin business, cuisine, and conservation efforts in San Diego, CA.

To Serve Man Soup
Dir. Simon Friedman, 4:30 min, World Premiere
How does one serve hot soup to people at a long table without injuring them?

Top Pot Doughnut Bread Pudding - For Every Occasion
Dir. Mark Klebeck, 3:30 min, World Premiere
One woman pushes the boundaries of ordinary bread pudding into the extraordinary...with doughnuts!

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2014 NYC Food Film Fest Announces Lineup

30 December, 2018
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