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Should Tipping Be Banned? This Guy Thinks So

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Should Tipping Be Banned? This Guy Thinks So
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To tip or not to tip? That is the million-dollar question lingering over the American restaurant industry. Many people have made a case for whether or not the system works but none have explained it with the wit of College Humor comedian Adam Conover.

In this cheeky video from his series Adam Ruins Everything, the funny man takes a serious look at the highly controversial topic. He makes a compelling case for abolishing tipping altogether and explains how this custom began in the first place.

Conover's arguments against tipping focus on three main points. According to him, tipping shortchanges servers, inconveniences customers and makes dining experience worse. He believes that if restaurants paid servers and bartenders a fair wage (and not the current $2.13 an hour) everyone would be better off, including customers. 

Do you agree? Should tipping be banned? Would you pay more for food if it meant higher, more humane wages for restaurant servers? Watch the video and tell us in the comments below:

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