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Nilou Motamed: A Simple Story about Soup

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Nilou Motamed: A Simple Story about Soup

One of the ultimate highs for a chef must be the moment they realise they’ve tapped into something much more profound than merely feeding a guest. When they know they’ve crossed that line into something much deeper – they’ve triggered a memory, or in reverse, left an imprint on a diner that will last forever. 

Those moments are rare and those lucky enough to have tasted one know the feeling well: it’s never forgotten and something that elevates the idea of dining to a whole new level. Knowing you really moved someone with food must be such a rush. 
What got us thinking about this was a recent speech by Food & Wine editor Nilou Motamed given at The Welcome Conference. During the speech, Motamed spoke about one of her own profound food experiences, recounting an honest and emotional story with soup sitting firmly at the centre. 
That’s right, something as seemingly basic as soup is the central theme for a story that will resonate with every food lover, with every passionate chef and with any person who has placed a bite in their mouth only to be whisked away Ratatouille-style to a part of their brain they didn’t even know they had. 
Our connection with food is more profound than any of us care to credit and this video is a great reminder of that.  

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