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What Makes a Great Kitchen Knife?

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What Makes a Great Kitchen Knife?

Tomer Botner is the knife maker behind Florentine Kitchen Knives - beautifully handmade knives that always seem to be sold out thanks to very high demand.

Florentine Knives started as a final university project for Botner who was looking for a way to offer people the chance to buy knives that matched their preference, allowing people to choose the weight, balance and material of their knife using a unique disc design system for the handle of the product.

Botner features in the a book, The Craft and The Makers, which focuses on the work of small independent producers who craft their own products.

To help promote the book the publishers, Gestalten, are hosting a series of interviews with the producers features in the book. Botner is one of the first up, discussing his craft of knife making and what it is that inspired him to start the work.

The interview asked Botner to reveal the process behind his unique designs, what makes a great knife and some of the more unusual custom knife designs he’s worked on.

Read the full interview. 

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