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WATCH: Why Opening A Restaurant is Scary

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WATCH: Why Opening A Restaurant is Scary

Meet Tatiana Levha, a rising star chef who trained under Pascal Barbot and Alain Passard before teaming up with her sister Katia to open a restaurant in Paris earlier this year. Levha's restaurant Le Servan is located in Paris’ 11th Arrondissement and has earned praise from the likes of David Lebovitz for its modern French cuisine. The young chef spoke about this year's Mad Symposium about the fear she felt opening her first restaurant.

During her talk, Levha address various trials and tribulations involved in the process. "When you start a restaurant everything is very very scary. Time and timing is in the middle of everything. It's like everything goes so fast and you just can't get a hold of things.'' 

Levha goes on to offer great advice for using fear to your advantage. Take a look at her great speech:

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