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Chefs Share 17 of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever

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Chefs Share 17 of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever
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This thread on the ChefTalk forum, where professional chefs share some of the stupidest food orders they’ve ever received, is great for a laugh. We’ve previously brought you 23 of the stupidest food orders ever, from the slightly potty to the downright weird. Now enjoy 17 more stupid food orders below and if you have any to add, let us know over on our Facebook page.


17 of the stupidest food orders ever

RedBeerd Cantu

Just the other day, we got an order for our shrimp entree, hold the Manchego, "because I'm vegetarian, but please leave the chorizo on."


I'll have the frenched rack of lamb, but not from France. I don't like my food to come from so far away.


Veggie burger, well done, no blood.


Chilean sea bass, hold the chilli.

Kitty K

Customer requested tuna poke "well done." Had to gently explain that it didn't really work that way.


Chicken Cordon Bleu with the ham and cheese on the side.


Lasagna, no meat, no béchamel.

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Lady asks to see me during brunch. She tells me she wants a low fat eggs Benedict. She wants no yolks at all. I try to explain that yolks are a key ingredient in the sauce. She tells me that a good chef should be able to make it happen. She got meringue-covered egg whites. Ewww.


Sauerkraut, hold the cabbage.


Shrimp cocktail sent back. The complaint, "It's cold."


I had a woman nearly brought to tears and anxiety-ridden after she viewed the pasta special dish (that SHE ordered) when brought to her table. She placed her head in her hands and kept repeating "Oh no ... I can't eat that ... I won't eat that ... Oh no ... I can't..." The husband finally looks at me: "She won't eat that," I ask: "Ummmmm WHY?" The husband replies; "It has lines on it." (She had ordered a rigatoni special). YOU try bringing that back into the kitchen with that excuse, and expect a chef to cook something else.


Caprese salad, no Mozzarella di Buffala, instead sub the cheese for fried chicken...


We used to have a lady come in who was absolutely loaded, and she always had the strangest requests for her meals. The strangest one I remember was she ordered the Caesar salad, but she wanted it on top of a smear of mashed potatoes.


"No burger, no onions, no tomato, no egg, no bacon, no pickles, no fries, no anything, Just buns."


"Can you make another larger pizza for my buddies, 1/2 regular dough and 1/2 gluten free?"


We had a guest claim that they were allergic to all fish then order a Caesar salad, when I said that the dressing contained anchovies they got annoyed and said "I eat it all the time, it's fine!"


"Fillet mignon, what kind of fish is that?"


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