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10 Questions to Stéphanie de Rougé, the Photographer 'In Your Fridge'

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10 Questions to Stéphanie de Rougé, the Photographer 'In Your Fridge'

Stéphanie De Rougé is a Paris-born and New York based photographer with over many years experience working in fine art and photography. She has worked between Paris and New York and formed two major photography projects, Labto Photo and Regards.

Stéphanie recently featured on FDL with her most recent project, In Your Fridge. Here are her answers about food, pictures and eating memories.

What is the first taste you remember, and why?
Nuts, apples, blackberries, wild strawberries… I remember the ripeness, often strong acidity and deliciousness of these wild fruits that we would look for in the bushes at my aunt’s country house.

What is your comfort food?
Purée de pomme de terre with crème fraiche and fromage rape: it's a French potato puree with lot of sour cream, cheese or butter - you can also use other vegetables.

Can you share an eating experience tied to the most incredible taste of your life?
Tasting cockroach in Bangkok in 2000 -it was crispy and tasted like caramel – but I couldn’t get over the idea that I was eating a cockroach so really didn’t enjoy the experience…

What food would you happily die eating?
One bite of raclette, ham and potato, or a sip of Early Grey tea.

Year 2050: in your opinion, what food will be on our tables?
Little coloured balls made of concentrate of what we need for the day: we would just have to gulp this in busy days, but we could still enjoy real food when we have time to cook.

The first picture you took
Of my feet, from my dad’s camera when I was about 6.

When a picture hits the mark?
When I am not the only one to react to it. A food picture? When it smells good!

If your photography was a dish, what would it be?
My digital photography would be a baguette, my film photography would be a “hachis Parmentier”.

Make a wish: who or what you’d like to portrait?
The private fridges of world President’s.

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