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Do Astronauts Have a Favorite Space Food?

By FDL on

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Do Astronauts Have a Favorite Space Food?

Fifty years after the Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to ever see the earth's curvature from out of space we got talking about how tasty astronaut food really is and is there one particular space dish that tastes better than the rest ? A dish that's finished way before zero gravity hits, maybe even before the astronauts exit the earth's atmosphere.

Unfortunately NASA are a little too busy to bring back tasting notes from space, so data on food in orbit is sparse, however,  we did find this interview with astronaut Leroy Chiao who has spent over half a year in space and eaten his fair share of space food. He explains his favorites and even talks about how after a few months in orbit your senses, especially taste, play a lot of tricks on you.

We also have a nice look at astronaut food through the years and how NASA is developing space farms to feed fresh food and vegetables to crews who spend a lot of time in space.


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