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Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson on Changing Fast Food

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Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson on Changing Fast Food

We already brought you news about chef Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s plans to launch their own fast food restaurant, Loco'l, in San Francisco. Now, here’s the chefs making the official announcement at this year’s MAD Symposium in Copenhagen.

Choi takes to the stage to start, explaining how the idea came about and how he and Patterson plan to ‘challenge the status quo of fast food’.

The pair plan an open kitchen and want to see if they can challenge the way in which fast food is produced.

The pair know they’re taking on a huge challenge to try and compete with the massive fast food industry but plan to use their knowledge in the kitchen to give them an edge, explaining that their first burger prototype used grains cut with the meat to reduce costs and not have a negative impact on flavour.

Choi and Patterson hammer home the point of how our entire eating culture has been altered by fast food and it needs to change.

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Announce loco'l from on Vimeo.

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