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Reinventing The Meal, A Book For Reflection

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Reinventing The Meal, A Book For Reflection
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When was the last time you cozied up to a bowl of your favorite soup? The last time you really savored what you were eating? Reinventing the Meal is a book that asks these simple questions in an effort to get you more in touch with your food.

Written by Pavel G. Somov, PhD., the book offers a more philosophical approach to food, one that focuses on food as nourishment for the body, mind and soul. The author's premise is that ''mindfulness can help you slow down, savor the moment and reconnect with the ritual of eating."

Somov proposes a few interesting concepts about mealtime, going as far as comparing eating to yoga. He states that eating fruits from our Earth helps us become closer to it - things sages have been saying since the beginning of time. Somehow this timeless advice has gotten lost in modern times but maybe it's time to reclaim it and savor the moment, just like Somov suggests.

Reinventing the Meal is available for purchase on Amazon.

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