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Nordic Food Lab Radio - Eating Insects and The Rise of Seaweed

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Nordic Food Lab Radio - Eating Insects and The Rise of Seaweed

The Nordic Food Lab team have launched a podcast to present some of their interesting research, findings and interesting points of view to the world.

‘Conversations, questions, and stories from the lab explore the role of taste in food diversity, ecology, sensory perception, and identity’ reads the description and what is promised on their site is certainly delivered in the first two episodes. 

First up is Tang Tango which looks at seaweed, known as tang in Danish, as the Lab explore a number of aspects of an ingredient that chefs are now using much more in kitchens around the world. There’s some recipes that use seaweed, stories about how to forage seaweed and some real appliance of science as the team explain the process of how seaweed grows and meet with a seaweed farmer in Denmark.

Here's a small sample of some seaweed foragers, scientists, farmers, and chefs offer up their best seaweed dishes. 

The second episode is titled ‘Thoughts from the Field: Tom The Termite Man’ and reveals some of the interesting research the lab has been doing to ‘explore the gastronomic potential of insects.’ The Podcast takes you to Kisoga in Uganda where there is a long standing tradition of eating the rare delicacy of the queen termite. It’s great to listen to the team as they find the queen and it’s just a small part of one of the lab’s big projects to discover, taste and discern as many edible insects as possible.

The podcasts also come with a collection of pictures that help set the scene as you're listening, enjoy.

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