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NYC Food Trends of 2013 - The Good and The Bad

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NYC Food Trends of 2013 - The Good and The Bad

The New York Observer have set up a Grub Match between their food writer Josh Ozersky and restaurant critic Joshua David Stein, asking them box to wax lyrical on a number of food trends and news from 2013.

The pair start by offering their best and worst trends of the past year before going on to cover the best New York chef of the year, best new restaurant, best dish and even the best expense account restaurants to visit when someone else is paying.

New York chef of the year goes to Ignacio Mattos and Dominique Ansel while the best new restaurant title goes to Luksus and Piora.

Both writers are funny when it comes to offering up their worst food trend of 2013 with Ozersky saying: "I am totally against the indiscriminate use of bone marrow, either by itself or shmeared onto other things. It’s basically pure fat, with no flavor to speak of, and the cheapest, shoddiest shortcut to luxury I know of."

Stein goes for overpriced steakhouses, saying: "you won’t leave dissatisfied, but they all celebrate the sort of economic aggression, reckless spending and showy wealth that form the crust of the 1 percent and burn the rest of us."

Take a look at the Grub Match here.

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