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Chefs Share 23 of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever

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Chefs Share 23 of the Stupidest Food Orders Ever
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Recently, we brought you 20 of the stupidest food orders ever received, as told by chefs, and asked you to share yours. Well, we received a glut of hilarious responses from food and drinks professionals on Facebook and have decided to share them here, along with more from the original ChefTalk thread. One, you'll notice, is not strictly food-related, but is so bizarre we couldn't resist including it. Enjoy and keep them coming!

Here are 23 of our favourites:

Clint DeJarnett

Is your ribeye steak gluten-free?

Ramiro Exposito Gaspe

Paella without rice please.

Christopher Nielsen

I had an order for French Toast no eggs. So ... toast?

Mike C Perez

"Can you make this tuna hot, but don't cook it."


Order for burger with cheese on the side... melted. "So you want me to melt the cheese on a plate?"


Tom Withers

"Is your steak vegetarian?"

Megan McGuire

I used to get the 'between medium and medium rare' instructions all the time and instead of p***ing off the cooks by modifying the ticket with that crap, I would just visually assess the guest and choose a temp for them. Never got one sent back!

Bill Pitcher

Romaine being too crunchy.

Brian Barber

Had a medium-rare pastrami order last night.

Steven Wong

Eye fillet medium-rare, no blood.

Bertin Altuzar

Today’s order of the day: QC burger, no tomatoes, no onions, no bun, no mayo, no cheese and two corn tortillas.

6 things chefs hate that customers do all the time


I had this one customer who always ordered, regardless of how busy it was, an arugula salad with the stems pulled off. Then she had the audacity to complain that it takes too long, even on busy Saturday nights no less.

Anthony Scott

I got one two days ago... "Is the ice cream soft or hard, I am allergic to soft ice cream..."

Katya Layfield

A woman asked if I could remove the "sour" out of the sourdough bread we served.

Mike C Perez

"I ordered 'tuna'... what's this pink stuff? I want real tuna! You know, from the can!"

Luke W Mcquillan

I’ve had gluten-free gammon ordered, not once, not twice, but three times, and to make it worse it was different customers each time.


I had someone literally break down and cry because his linguine was not spaghetti. ''I can't eat the linguine.'' ''I'm sorry sir, but spaghetti is not on our menu.'' ''This is unacceptable, I'm never coming back!''

Ana Lakakis

"I want to come in for dinner, but my child doesn't eat much - can we order half a steak for him?" – wtf are we supposed to do with the other half?!!

Shi Chang Chu

I want scallops cooked super well done, but not rubbery.


An older American customer ordered sauerbraten in my German restaurant, but he told the waitress that he does not want it to be sour.


6-oz fillet butterflied Pitsburged [sic] between rare and medium rare ... seriously?

Mike C Perez

"What the hell do you mean you don't have vegan mayo!!? I want vegan mayo on my egg salad sandwich!!"

Hallgrímur Jóhann Hallgrímsson

I work in a hotel as a receptionist and one time guest came to me and asked me "when do they turn on the northern lights." I told them that they can’t be turned on, but they are very shy sometimes.

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  • vaeterchenfrost said on

    I have one more to add...A guest asked my waiter:" Is the Ice Cream fresh?" on which my waiter answered honestly:" No M'am, it's frozen!" Then the guest replied "Well in that case I don't want any!"

  • dj cracker said on

    I think the 2 best i've had are - I'm Allergic to fish, unless it's been line caught! so not allergic then! or 'I'm Dairy free', okay, all the food was served with a wedge of bread & Butter, i left the butter off hers, she complained, i replied with "but you told me you were Dairy free" her come back was - "well i am, but i can eat butter!"

  • dbutler1986 said on

    I once had a customer order a filet mignon "well-done, but as juicy as a medium-well." After cursing his family name, I cooked a steak to about medium-well - and microwaved the color out of it.

    He sent me back a sizeable tip and declared it the best steak he'd ever had.

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