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12 Chefs Share the Things That Drive Them Crazy

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12 Chefs Share the Things That Drive Them Crazy
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We recently published a piece by Chef Paul Sorgule on the 18 things that drive chefs crazy, including undependable vendors, inconsistency, and of course, punctuality. We asked you if you had any to add over on our Facebook page, and as usual you didn’t disappoint. Here are some of our favourite responses from our readers:


Things that drive chefs crazy

Kurt Berman

Leaving pan handles over the gas flame.

Chew Min Xiong Wittawat

Staff no show after taking salary.

Angel Brown

Cooks walking off the line to go smoke when it's rush time.

Mike Leitmeyer

Customers who use the menu as an ingredient list make me homicidal in an instant. We work very hard to design the menus and each item, and should not have to dismantle that at your whim! Also, people that lie about allergies. Just get out!

Brendon Acland

Bloody food trends!

Joshua Mayne

1. Customers

2. The Staff

3. The Boss

4. The Hours

5. The Pay

I think that just about covers it.

Wayne Quintos

Modifications should be on the top of the list.

Israel C Santoni

Smoking and cellphones ... taking too many breaks ... texting or checking social media and chatting with friends.

Cody Duvall

Opening cans with knives!

Al Karalius

Cell phones out on the line ... After three times telling the line cook to stow his phone I finally took it from him and pitched it into a simmering pot of veal stock.

Simon Harris

When the chef de partie says "I thought you wanted..."

Corey Cunningham

Throwing food.


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