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Moby Says You Should Never Open a Restaurant

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Moby Says You Should Never Open a Restaurant
Photo Moby 2 / Flickr

Opening a restaurant is tough. It’s a statement you hear all the time, but one that’s often forgotten to the glare and glamour of following food dreams and opening a place that will, of course, buck the trend.

It really is a tough profession to follow, and from the advice seen below, it seems that’s also the case when you’re an award–winning musician with millions in the bank.

Moby, who is famous for his love of food and for opening his own restaurant in Los Angeles, has come out with some strong words of warning for anyone considering the business.

Speaking to GrubStreet, the musicians says he doesn’t known why any sane person would ever want to open a restaurant.

“If you open a restaurant, you work really hard, and then it has to be perfect 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, forever.”

He goes on, “the climate has to be perfect, the design has to be perfect, the food has to be perfect, and it all has to be legal, every single second of every day that you’re open. If you’re really lucky, you break even.”

The words are pretty true for anyone who has tried to open their own place. But Moby is pretty adamant that only those who are truly special ever succeed in the business.

“When I hear people say that they want to open a restaurant, I want to stage an intervention. Because I like my restaurant a lot — it’s a beautiful space, the food is really good — but if it wasn’t ideologically driven, I would not run it. Doing it for purely entrepreneurial reasons, I don’t know why anyone would do that, unless you’re super smart, like Keith McNally. But for almost anyone else, it’s probably easier and less stressful to just burn your money in the front yard.”

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  • shiala said on

    So true. I've read articles like this before, but actually having watched my boss open our current restaurant and handling the previous one, I can definitely say that it is NOT for people trying to make a buck.
    In fact, unless your restaurant is truly revolutionary and can draw in anyone and everyone that passes by, you can and should expect to be in the red for at least the first few years.

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