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Mindy Segal: "A Good Pastry Chef Is A Chameleon"

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Mindy Segal: "A Good Pastry Chef Is A Chameleon"
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When it comes to the professional kitchen pastry chefs have traditionally stood in the shadows. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore as pastry chefs like Chicago's Mindy Segal continue to leave their mark in the field.

Segal, chef owner of Hot Chocolate, recently sat down with Potluck Video's Ali Rosen at the James Beard House to discuss the evolution of her career and the role of the modern pastry chef.

"The job of the pastry chef is to follow the food, no matter what the food is and no matter what the style of the restaurant is. A good pastry chef can adapt and sort of become a chameleon to the surroundings in which they work in," Segal says.

She goes on to explain that pastry chefs today are very well-rounded: "We can make bread, we can make desserts, we can cook. The thing about pastry chefs is we are actually really good cooks because we know details, we know progression, we know what's going to be good [to eat] before our dessert."

Segal also talks about her new cookbook Cookie Love and what's in store for the future. Take a look: 

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