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Meet the Revolutionary Urban Gardener Ron Finlay

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Meet the Revolutionary Urban Gardener Ron Finlay

Here’s yet another great speech from this year’s Mad Symposium in Copenhagen.

One of the latest videos released by MAD is a presentation given by Ron Finley from Los Angeles. Finley is a revolutionist gardener who, sick of the lack of fresh, healthy food available in his neighbourhood, decided to plant food on the street opposite his house.

Finlay took a curbside plot of unused land and transformed it, planting food, plants and eventually attracting wildlife like hummingbirds and bees.

The real twist comes when Finlay discusses how the local authorities were originally against the garden, until, in his own words, “I embarrassed their ass”. Fighting against demands to remove the garden Finlay eventually had the law changed meaning people in Los Angeles can now plant food on their parkway.

The charismatic presenter goes on to talk about how the Drive Thrus in LA are killing more people than Drive By Shootings. He wants to change the perception of gardening and encourage more people to plant ingredients on their own parkways.

Enjoy and see more of the MAD talks here. 

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