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WATCH: Massimo Bottura on How Picasso Influenced His Cooking

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WATCH: Massimo Bottura on How Picasso Influenced His Cooking

Italian chef Massimo Bottura is famous for creating edible masterpieces. The renown art lover recently opened up to Phaidon, the publisher of his latest cookbook Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef, about how Picasso influenced one of his most iconic dishes.

The dish is question is called Camouflage: Hare in the Woods and features civet of hare, blood, chocolate, spices and herbs arranged masterfully on the plate. This blend of flavors was popular in Medieval times but Bottura has given it his artful touch.

Originally, the dish was inspired by the first time Pablo Picasso saw a camouflaged vehicle driving in Paris one night in 1914, Bottura told Phaidon. It is from this simple visual that the chef used his imagination to pull off such an extraordinarily creative dish. 

As he explains it: "Art is our landscape of ideas. We get inspired from the ideas of the artists."

See how Camouflage: Hare in the Woods comes together in this video:

Via Phaidon

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