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Video: Mark Bittman on The Greatness of Home Cooking

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Video: Mark Bittman on The Greatness of Home Cooking
Photo Screenshot via Time

Renown cookbook writer and New York Times columnist Mark Bittman tries to shed light on the greatness of home cooking in this video from Time magazine.

Titled The Return of Home Cooking, the video is part of the publication's recent cover story How to Eat Now - The Truth About Home Cooking. Bittman talks about the convenience foods of the 1960s and how we distanced ourselves from home cooking for decades.

"We've missed two or three generations of cooking because food companies basically convinced us that cooking was too hard and that they could take that cooking out of our hands,'' he explains. 

Now, through his new cookbook How To Cook Anything Fast, Bittman hopes to convince people it's time to return to the kitchen. He says is all about cooking the stuff you like and making sure you have spices, condiments and key ingredients on hand to make the process quicker and more delicious.

Via Time

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