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Marco Pierre White On Singapore's Michelin Hawker Stall

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Marco Pierre White On Singapore's Michelin Hawker Stall

Marco Pierre White is famous for, at just 33-years-old, becoming the world’s youngest three Michelin starred chef, he’s also famous for giving those stars back to Michelin and saying he wanted nothing to do with the whole affair.

Now, White has spoken about the rise of Michelin street food spots in Asia, in particular in relation to the two hawker centre street food stalls that were recently awarded their first star in Singapore.

Speaking with Channel News Asia, White is asked what he thinks about smaller street food stalls receiving Michelin stars, and though he doesn’t have a problem with it, he does question the reporter about if she believes the particular stalls in question are better than all the others - the answer? No. Marco tells the news channel that "Michelin has done all of them a disservice by not giving all of them a star.”

White’s argument is that if Michelin are going to make that type of shift then it should be placed fairly across the board - and it’s a good point.

Take a look.

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