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Jayme Santos Junior and David Hertz - Food Can Change

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Jayme Santos Junior and David Hertz - Food Can Change

The team at Mad have posted their latest video from the Symposium. It features Jayme Santos Junior and David Hertz two people from Brazil who have a rather unique relationship.

Jayme Santos Junior works as the head judge of the Court of Criminal Enforcement and is also the controller of prisons in Sãu Paulo, Brazil. He works alongside Hertz who founded Gastromotiva - an organisation that works to improve people’s lives through food and the act of cooking.

Hertz presents their unique work, how he personally got into working inside the favelas of Brazil and how much the experience taught him.

It’s a nice video that shows just how powerful food can be - the fact a judge came all the way to MAD to talk about how it is already being used as a way of social integration for prisoners, highlights just his strong food can be.

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20 The Judge.mp4 from on Vimeo.

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