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Chefs Asked: "Give Up Food or Sex?"

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Chefs Asked: "Give Up Food or Sex?"

We’ve all seen it, they slowly close their eyes, the end of the fork is left to linger on the tongue, that last slither of chocolate savoured to the very end. “Mmmm,” they exhale, before proclaiming, usually way too loudly, “food is better than any sex!” It’s at this point you realise that you’ve just been the unsuspecting witness of a foodgasm - you can’t unsee this, you just can’t - even more damaging when it’s your grandma sat across the table slowly wiping a final smear of chocolate sauce from the outside of the plate.

The link between food and sex has never been conclusively researched but it’s reported that some foods, chocolate being the prime culprit, help to release the same chemicals that rush through our brain at that electric point of sexual stimulation. Oxytocin, referred to as the “love hormone,” is responsible for making us go all cuddly at the end of the act and it’s found in a number of foods - which, at least scientifically, somehow excuses Grandma’s strange acts of public food adoration.

As much as we joke and play on the link between food and sex, if pushed, if backed  into a hypothetical corner - which one would we give up first? A life without the enjoyment of food or a life without the enjoyment of sex?

That’s the questions that Crane TV posed to chefs in the video below. A group of professionals who dedicate their life to food and their responses are both hilarious and revealing. Watch as they explain the reasons behind their choice and make sure you join the debate on Facebook - letting us know which one you’d give up first. Food or Sex?

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