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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Federica Mancioppi

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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Federica Mancioppi

This year Le Fooding and S.Pellegrino will organize three pop-up dinners and thirteen female chefs will be hosting them. We couldn't resist getting to know these inspiring women one by one, here is a candid interview with Federica Mancioppi (Caffè dei Cioppi, Paris 11). She will be making the dessert on Saturday the 16th of November. Instinctive and passionate she thinks we should use our fridge the less that we can.

"It's goood to use fresg products and eat them right away" says Federica.

How did you decide to make the Pasta Frolla for the event?
It's Italian and it can be the base for many desserts. I love chocolate, and the Ricotta di Bufala is a precious ingredient which adds a different touch. Lemon and chocolate, the particular combination of the two reminds me of my grandmother Sandra because it was her favorite ice-cream. During the 70s it was considered pretty audacious!

What kind of challenges did you encounter in your career?
Perhaps a very conventional one: being a mother and a career woman is very difficult.

Plans for the future?
Opening a yoga place and another Cioppi.

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