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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Camille Fourmont

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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Camille Fourmont

This year Le Fooding and S.Pellegrino will organize three pop-up dinners and thirteen female chefs will be hosting. We couldn't resist getting to know these inspiring women one by one, here is a candid interview with the chef Camille Fourmont who will be serving the appetizers every night "Mozzarella, Vanille, Poivre Vert". Chef at La Buvette, in Paris, she describes herself to be spontaneous, stubborn and enthusiastic, someone who found her inspiration from her mother's convivial spirit.

"For Le Fooding I am making small mozzarella balls in their cream, a little olive oil with vanilla and green pepper... there is no real recipe to it, it's how you put it together". 

Your philosophy in the kitchen is?
Better is the enemy of good.

Who was important in your career?
Pierre Jancou, I have a lot of admiration for his taste of simple things, he has a lot of heart and character.

What kind of challenges did you encounter?
It's hard for me to tell because I was more focused on the positive, meeting people, laying down the right foundation, everything that brought me here seems positive to me.


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