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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Beatriz Gonzales

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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Beatriz Gonzales

This year Le Fooding and S.Pellegrino will organize three pop-up dinners and thirteen female chefs will be hosting. We couldn't resist getting to know these inspiring women one by one, here is a candid interview with the chef Beatriz Gonzales from Neva Cuisine who will be cooking on Saturday 16th, A true perfectionist when it comes to her work, Beatriz will be cooking a Tartare.

Describe the Tartare.
It's called "Tartare de veau et couteaux, écume d'une marinière , bouillon à la feuille d`avocat", a great way to combine Earth and Sea without one prevailing over the other: it's a feast. I added a personal touch: Mexican avocado.

Who was instrumental to your career?
I've met a lot of people along the way, chefs I've worked with influenced me and my husband Matthieu was a great support.

What were the challenges you've encountered so far?
I am a Mexican woman, that's was challenging enough, but possible.

Your future plans?
We are about to open a new restaurant in the 17ème district with a new talented chef, my husband will be attending the clients, I will help create the menu and manage the team.  The location is great, it overlooks Parc Martin Luther King, the name will be Coretta.

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