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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Alix Lacloche

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"Les Madones" Cooking at Le Fooding: Chef Alix Lacloche

This year Le Fooding and S.Pellegrino will organize three pop-up dinners and thirteen female chefs will be hosting them. We couldn't resist getting to know these inspiring women one by one, here is a candid interview with the personal home chef Alix Lacloche who will be serving Betteraves crues, Ricotta maison, citron confit on the first night of the event. The curious gourmande says her philosophy in the kitchen is basically to make good use of every ingredient in the fridge, even using leftovers to create new dishes.

How would you describe the dish you will be cooking at Le Fooding?
I usually make it when I don't have much time to eat in between my catering jobs: raw beet with ricotta, confit lemons (I make them at home in the Fall with lemons from Italy), mint (my favorite herb), papadum crackers. It's quick to make and it has a lot of flavor to it. I chose this dish because it's has an Italian touch.

Who was the most influential person in your career?
Amaryll Schwertner, chef and owner of the Boulette's Larder in San Francisco, and Lisa Kajita.

What was the biggest challenge in your career?
Making right decisions at the right time, working non-stop, doing five different things at the same time and finding people who want to do the same. 

What plans do you have for the future?
Make my clients happy, organize itinerant dinners, have fun while working, find great products, open an atelier and develop my business working with women all over the world.

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