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A Taste of Korean Food

By FDL on

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A Taste of Korean Food
Photo Coutesy of Neil Davey

Travel and food blogs are plentiful on the internet and it can often get a little boring. The usual style of I went here, stayed at this place and ate there is a tried and tested method and one that is wearing thin.

However, for every post that follows the formula, there's always one that stands out. One that does a great job of combining travel and food and one that often has a real story to tell.

Neil Davey's recent post on his blog The Lamb Shank Redemtion is a great travel / food piece. He's recently returned from a trip to Korea and spent his time exploring the sights and sounds - but far from being a list of bullet point stops - he writes a nice post with some great food pictures of some of the best dishes he sampled on his travels. We hope you enjoy today's Best of The Blogs: Come and Have a Go.

Source: Come and Have a Go
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