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Andrew Zimmern's Essential Cooking Tools

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Andrew Zimmern's Essential Cooking Tools

Andrew Zimmern has offered up his own list of what he believes to be some of his own bizarre cooking essentials and kitchen gadgets for Food 52.

From electronic coconut shavers to precision immersion circulators, they may at first sound a little over the top but Zimmern quickly explains his reasoning and why each list has made the list.

There’s some interesting suggestions from the chef who was asked for some of the ‘essential tools we need to make our favourite foods attainable in our own kitchens.’

One of the most interesting comments he makes is about open hearth cooking and how he thinks this is ‘the next big thing’. He says tools to allow people to cook using open fires will become a big trend.

He also suggests conical mesh cooking basket for sticky rice - something you might not consider but certainly something useful for the kitchen.

See the full list of the chef’s suggestions on Food 52.


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