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Why Kitchen Culture Needs to Change

By FDL on

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Why Kitchen Culture Needs to Change

In an poignant talk at the last Mad Symposium, Trish Nelson, comedian, actress and someone with years of hospitality experience, spoke about how the kitchen culture needs to change.

Referring to the hot, mad, chaos of the kitchen and the culture that’s been attached to the profession for a years, Nelson described many of the abusive traits of the professional that have been “carelessly labeled as kitchen culture”. 

“I think we have to take a long look at the methods we have used. We have accepted abusive behaviors as normal,” say Nelson as she explains that the industry has only just discovered the language required to start a new discussion around these difficult topics.

Nelson does not hold back during the talk, touching on the ugliness of the kitchen but also the positivity in how things are slowly changing. This is an important talk for anyone passionate about restaurants and restaurant culture to watch.

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