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Julian Baggini on The Importance of Conviviality

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Julian Baggini on The Importance of Conviviality

Julian Baggini is a writer and philosopher. He recently published The Virtues of the Table: How to Eat and Think - and in the video below presents some of his thoughts on conviviality, what it means to eat and the role plays food in our lives.

He opens by looking at Soylent a drink that has been created to offer all the nutrients humans need to survive, more of a refuel than act of edible enjoyment.

In a truly thought provoking speech, Baggini first presents the idea that we may well be heading towards a two tiered consumption of food defining a major difference between eating and feeding. 

It’s yet another wonderful talk from this year’s Mad Symposium as Baggini touches on the importance of eating in our lives, the idea of conviviality for one and how we need to look at eating convivially in a broader sense.

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