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José Andrés on Making Kitchen Structures More Equal

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José Andrés on Making Kitchen Structures More Equal

"We can’t have the people feeding the world, not being able to feed themselves." These are the strong words shouted by José Andrés to the crowd during his presentation at the MAD Symposium in Denmark. 

Andrés - who runs 20 different U.S restaurants, from Michelin to fast casual - used the opportunity on stage at MAD to discuss a number of topics, his one for all approach of restaurant organisation - a style that sees people have a more equal part in how the kitchen is run.

He argues that kitchens need a flatter structure of organisation, that dishwashers should also be able to suggest ideas and that the idea that a big named chef should take all the glory of a restaurant should be made a thing of the past.

A lot of what the chef talk about seems to come from a common sense standpoint, but he talks about things that are often not discussed in the kitchen.

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