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Jiro Ono Explains Perfect Sushi and How You Should Eat It

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Jiro Ono Explains Perfect Sushi and How You Should Eat It

What is perfect sushi? To answer that question you have to ask someone who works in the pursuit of sushi perfection every day, and there’s no one better for this than the world famous sushi master, Jiro Ono.

In the video below, produced by WocomoCOOK, Jiro and his son, Yoshikazu, talk about their approach to sushi and what they think are the most important factors in creating perfect sushi.

Jiro, whose restaurant has three Michelin stars, goes to extreme lengths when composing his sushi menus and hearing from a pro about what he believes to be the best possible way to craft sushi is great to watch. 

Jiro and his son mention five particular points they focus on when trying to achieve perfect sushi. Interestingly they don’t talk about cutting technique, rice plays a much bigger role it seems.

Perfect Sushi Points 

1 - Rice must be cooked with vinegar for perfect sushi.

2 - The proportion of fish and rice must be just right.

3 - Only some fish works right with rice, other fish should be used for sashimi and chefs must go to great lengths to make sure they choose the right fish.

4 - The temperature the rice is cooked at and the temperature of the sushi chef’s hands are both very important for making perfect sushi.

5 - The size must be just right - eaten with the fingers - to be consumed with just one bite.

Jiro Ono's Guide on How to Eat Sushi. 


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