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Jay Rayner: "Being a Chef Doesn’t Make You an Agent of Social Change."

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Jay Rayner: "Being a Chef Doesn’t Make You an Agent of Social Change."

The Mad Feed are featuring a nice opinion piece from the UK restaurant critic Jay Rayner who says that "being a chef doesn’t make you an agent of social change".

Rayner expresses his views on the movement in recent years that has taken the chef well away from the shadows of the kitchen and placed them “as an agent of social change; as someone who can make a cultural, political, and environmental difference”.

The critic believes that, although well intended, this movement does little to start any real change and that chefs turning their hand to wider issues isn’t what is needed. “The reality is that in the battle to feed the coming nine billion, a good recipe for coq au vin is of no use at all”.

He speaks about the G9 summit a few years back, a number of high profile chefs trying to help the National Health Service in England and how the Mad Symposium has in some way helped to increase the ‘hyperbole’ surrounding chefs and their standing.

Rayner doesn’t mention the upcoming Expo Milano 2015, the world’s first Universal Exposition to focus on the issue of sustainability and feeding our growing population. This event will call on hundreds of chefs, farmers and food producers from all over the world to focus on the issue of waste and trying to devise solutions for sustainable food production in the future.

Overall, it’s an interesting point of view that’s well made and one that’s certainly worth reading. Take a look at the full piece and let us know your views on Facebook.

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