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The Biggest Mistake People Make When Eating Steak

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The Biggest Mistake People Make When Eating Steak
Photo Business Insider

We all know meat needs to be rested after cooking to tenderise it and if you’re a steak lover that’s one of the golden rules you cook by.

But chef, writer and TV host Andrew Zimmern thinks the biggest mistake people make when eating steak is to serve it hot. Instead, he says, you should leave the meat to rest for up to 45 minutes and let it cool down to room temperature.

He had this to say to Business Insider:

"The big mistake people make is eating their grilled beef hot. I prefer room temperature or cool. When the meat rests and starts to get cool, all of that fat goes back into the muscles and becomes much more tender.

"If you were coming to my house for dinner tonight and you said, “Please grill me steak.” I would grill the steak and take it off the grill about 45 minutes before we eat it. And I would let it rest, and it would ultimately be at room temperature. And I think it has its best beef flavour that way, when some of those fats are actually in the muscles themselves." 

Watch the interview in full here and find out what Anthony Bourdain thinks is the worst mistake people make when cooking a steak

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