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Heston Blumenthal's Interactive Sweet Shop

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Heston Blumenthal is known for surprising and delighting diners in his restaurant - his menus are designed to excite, surprise and innovate and dishes such as his snail porridge, bacon and egg ice cream are created with the intention of conjuring what Heston calls that 'kid in a sweetshop' feeling.

It's with this intention to surprise and take people back to the child like feeling of being in a sweetshop that the chef has created his 'golden tickets'. After guests book a place at his award winning restaurant, The Fat Duck, they're sent an email address where the magic begins.

Guests receive a website address and as soon as they log are taken on an Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton style journey through the magical land of Heston and his food.

As the chef explains in the video "Over the years I found myself describing to people the moment I discover something new and how I feel like kid in a sweet shop.

"That's exactly the feeling I want to pass on to the customer...people have to book two months in advance at the Fat Duck so why can't the excitement begin as soon as they make the reservation?"

And it's with that in mind that the world famous chef approached The Neighborhood, a Digital Agency in Manchester, gave them a smell of the sweet shop he wanted to create and that's the beginning of the magical 'Kid in a Sweetshop' journey.

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