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Mareya Ibrahim's 8 Healthy Food Predictions for 2016

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Mareya Ibrahim's 8 Healthy Food Predictions for 2016

Celebrity USA chef, Mareya Ibrahim, AKA The Fit Foodie, has laid down her opinions in eat.cleaner on what's hot in healthy food in 2016.

From spiralising and sprouting to 'brinner' and balls, take a look at her eight healthy food predictions for the coming year:

1) Inspirational Veggies:

Keep on spiralizing is the advice. The trend for replacing grain based carbs with veggie spirals is going to get even bigger in 2016.

Take a look at the Benriner spiral slicer:

2) Going Globowl

Chef Mareya predicts the Globowl, "a nutrient-packed, internationally influenced and customizable offering that goes beyond chicken, rice and broccoli – will get hot in 2016."

3) Forget Brunch, we're onto Brinner

Eating breakfast for dinner. With less and less people taking time to enjoy breakfast or lunch, they're going to get the best of both worlds with a more decadent breakfast at dinner time.

Smoothie bowls are a perfect example of mixing up breakfast and dinner.

4) No more Muffin top

Step away from the giant muffin and back to finger sized food. Whilst fast food chains supersize, try doing the opposite at home, making smaller size individual servings by using muffin tins for both sweet and savoury offerings.

Check out this recipe for mini muffins with an apricot topping:

5) Sprout of Control

From tortillas, to breadcrumbs and chips. Sprouts are going to start appearing in the grocery store in lots of different products.

Check out our recipe for wholemeal bread With hummus, sprouts, tomato and cucumber.

6) Make way for the Maca Root

Nutritional powerhouse, Maca, makes a claim to fame as the highest growing root crop in the world. Native to the Peruvian Andes Maca grows at 11,000 ft or above, no wonder it's considered as 'the food of the Gods'. We might see a lot more of maca in 2016 in breads, bars and smoothies.

7) New kid on the block: Kohlrabi

Destined to be crowned King, Kohlrabi will be the new vegetable to look out for in 2016. Unsual in name and appearance it's one that will be easy to remember. Kohlrabi has become the poster child for local, seasonally-focused means of sourcing produce according to Bon Appetit.

8) Goodness gracious great balls of...goodness

Look out for bite size balls of nutrient dense bites. Applying the same philosophy as the 'mini muffins' this is another case of super down-sizing.

For the full lowdown on each of the eight predictions head to

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