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Chef Explains What New Nordic Cuisine Actually Means

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Chef Explains What New Nordic Cuisine Actually Means

Google Talks continue to impress us at FDL HQ with some interesting guests, lots of chefs, invited to to discuss their work and present some of their ideas about the world.

The latest chef to hold a Google Talk is Gunnar Karl Gíslason from Iceland who stopped by to talk about his new cookbook, North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland.

If you’ve ever wonders exactly what the term ‘new Nordic cuisine’ actually means then this is a good starting point as Gíslason discusses this and some of the more interesting food traditions from his home country.

The chef argues that New Nordic is not a type of cuisine or certain type of food - more an approach, philosophy and style that’s been defined across the Nordic regions.

Watch the talk below. You can also see this other great Google Talk from Alex Atala. 

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