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Locatelli: "Teach Young People the Joy of Food"

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Locatelli: "Teach Young People the Joy of Food"

Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli says young people should be taught about the pleasure and conviviality of food, not just about nutrition.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the Italian chef-owner of London's Locanda Locatelli restaurant said: "We have to be careful about just teaching them the nutritional value of food. Sure it is important to know what protein is and to separate food groups but food is so much more than nutrition. It is a pleasure. It is about discovery. We have to be very careful not to demonise food or food groups. That’s not really very healthy."

He continued: “Food is about conviviality. It is about family. It’s not just fuel.” Locatelli emphasised the importance of teaching children the basic life skill of cooking and said he felt all schools that could offer food education, should do so. "It can shape them for life," he said.

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