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Yummy Sexy Veggie: 13 Food Terms Chefs Hate

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Yummy Sexy Veggie: 13 Food Terms Chefs Hate
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We all have words and terms that really irritate us to the point of distraction and chefs are no exception, especially with the lexicon of food language changing so rapidly, the advent of social media, associated abbreviations and hashtags entering common usage. Certain food terms can send the blood pressure soaring.

A recent article in The Seattle Times on this very subject attracted a glut of emails and Facebook and Twitter comments from readers providing their own suggestions – people don’t need much encouragement to get these kinds of things of their chests – among whom were a handful of chefs.

Below is a list of food terms that chefs really can’t stand, in no particular order. We’ve all been guilty of using some of these – surprisingly ‘veggie’ was by far the most detested overall by the newspaper’s readers. Head on over to the website to read the chefs’ explanations.

Chefs' Most Hated Food Terms



Like butta

Chef (as a verb)

Ethnic food



Garlic aioli


Sando (sandwich)


Guac (guacamole)

Food porn

Here are 17 food fads that chefs really hate

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