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Should We Eat More Fish Guts?

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Should We Eat More Fish Guts?

Ben Winstanley has written an interesting opinion piece for The Telegraph calling on the British public to have more guts when it comes to eating fish.

Particularly he’s calling for them to eat more parts of the fish, stepping away from the easy fillets and going for more of the guts, tails and heads.

We spoke recently to Brett Graham about his use of the head and tail of mackerel and also attended a large meeting in San Sebastian where chefs pledged to cook smaller fish on their menus.

Fish sustainability is a growing issue, Winstanley highlights the fact that much of the fish caught in the UK is sold in Europe and that squeamish customers are accustomed to eating the simple, chunky cuts of the fish instead of the lesser known cuts.

He speaks to chefs James Lowe and Nathan Oulaw about using some of the lesser known parts of fish such as Monkfish liver and mentions a number of cultures around the world that see the parts of the fish tossed in the trash in the UK as precious, tasty gems.

It’s a great look at the issue and one you should certainly read.

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