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Fine Dining Lovers Manifesto

By FDL on

Facebook Twitter ShareAddThis is a gathering place for food enthusiasts from all around the world.

We believe taste is a cultural value. Our stories – one a day, each days - feature the people, places and events that express this value.

We want to discover and share talent and taste, innovation and tradition, style and quality. We are hungry for excellence.

 We believe that elegance is not a status symbol, conviviality is not ostentation, exclusivity is not elite.

Who are fine dining lovers?

We are hedonists, but not exhibitionists.

We are gracious as both hosts and guests.

We appreciate ability and skill, however it’s served.

We notice the small details but appreciate those who take risks.

Our favourite  flavour? Excellence combined with passion.

Fine dining can be the simplest of meals, as long as it’s prepared with love.


Whether sparkling or still, ours is a distinctively Italian approach to culture, now shared and appreciated all over the world.

And you? Are you a Fine Dining Lover?

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