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Food Design: The FabFood of Linus Morales

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Food Design: The FabFood of Linus Morales
Photo Linus Morales

«The FabFood project began as a pitch for a designer hotel in Sweden,» explains the 26 year-old, Swedish-born photographer Linus Morales. «They were looking for some new ideas of how to renew their restaurant/bar with art, and my concept was to use these images for their drink coasters.»

Currently based between Sweden and London, Linus Morales discovered his passion for taking pictures at a very young age and has been working as a commercial photographer shooting mainly fashion and art for years now. With a keen eye for graphics, Morales was playing around with the idea of how to combine designer brands with typical Swedish fast food, when he got the idea: why not put the brands’ logos on the foods themselves? «I still wanted the images to be very graphic and clean, like Pop Art,» he continues. «I was seeking to be provocative by making this big leap from cheap, ‘fast’ food to luxurious designer brands. And, most of all, I wanted viewers to start to ask themselves whether they would by designer branded food.»

Linus Morales also has a photo blog where he will soon be posting information about how and where to buy some of the FabFood prints, which have been whizzing about the internet as of late, admired by fashionistas and foodies alike. 

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