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Ervind Hellstrøm on Why We Need to Educate the Home Cook

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Ervind Hellstrøm on Why We Need to Educate the Home Cook

Here’s another great video from this year’s MAD symposium as Ervind Hellstrøm takes to the stage to encourage people to cook more.

The chef, who ran the Bagatelle restaurant in Oslo from 1982 to 2009, speaks about the importance of investigating ingredients and cuisines.

He speaks about his work in food television and how this role showed him how people struggle with food at home.

He addresses a lack of knowledge and motivation and how this is making food a great problem for many home cooks.

He speaks of how lucky chefs are, “we are so fortunate because we know how to cook”, before showing a clip from one of his shows in which a man who has been eating chocolate spread for years as his main diet, discovers he has the psychical age of a 72-year-old.

Hellstrøm uses an extreme example to make his point but the issue that home cooks need stronger knowledge and understanding to improve their diets is the resounding message. It’s actually something echoed recently by the journalist Mark Bittman who produced a video calling for the return of home cooking.

Ervind Hellstrøm: "Changing the Way People Cook and Eat" from on Vimeo.

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