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Should You Really Avoid Sushi on Mondays?

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Should You Really Avoid Sushi on Mondays?

Don’t order sushi on a monday. It’s one of the famous food warning stressed by Anthony Bourdain in his Kitchen Confidential book and echoed across the globe.

The logic is simple. Fish, especially sushi, should be served as fresh as possible and not many fishermen catch fish on a Sunday - or Saturday, or Friday for that matter - which is why it’s widely speculated that the fish you buy on a Monday can often be four or five days old.

Bourdain has since retracted his original statement - explaining the words he wrote will haunt him forever and that the times have certainly changed a lot since he made the warning. As much as times may have changed, people still take Bourdain’s words as gospel - reserving a whole day of the week as a potential cause of sushigeddon.

To try and answer the question once and for all The Huffington Post have been asking if Bourdain’s original warning is still valid, or, if like he said in his later published Medium Raw book, we should just “eat the fu***ng fish on Monday already.”

Looking closer at the warning, Kate Bratskeir at The Huffington Post has made collected a few bits of info to ensure you end up with decent sushi - even if you’re crazy enough to order it on a Monday.

Monday Sushi Tips

* Pick a busy reputable place - some skanky sushi dive is probably not going to have the best focus on sourcing fresh fish.

* Where are you? If you’re surrounded by skyscrapers and miles away from the nearest coast, you’re probably not going to be getting the freshest cast. If you can smell ocean in the air, that fish is probably good any day of the week.

* Smell is key - fresh fish will smell like the ocean, fish that’s on the turn or past it’s best will smell very fishy.

* Avoid anywhere offering sushi deals on a Monday or Sunday.

* Best advice? Find a sushi place you’re happy with or one that is recommended and become a regular. Build a relationship and you know you can trust them, also, once they know you’re a returning customer they’ll be much more likely to grab you the freshest piece of fish from the counter.

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