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Find Out What Upsets People at Dinner Parties

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Find Out What Upsets People at Dinner Parties

Think your dinner parties are the best? Always the one to host the biggest feasts with the tastiest meals and the best table atmosphere? As happy as they all seem, you may surprised to learn about some of the little things guests find irritating when attending a dinner party.

This infographic from Harvey Jones Kitchens takes a closer look at how people in the UK throw their dinner parties and exactly what guest do and don’t like to see.

Pets in the room is a big no no for lots of people, they really don’t like it when you claim something store bought is actually homemade and make sure you have enough booze - 18% of the people surveyed said not having a enough alcohol was their biggest pet peeve at a dinner party.

It seems, at least from this small number of people, that men are more willing to be adventurous and try a new recipe than a trusted faithful and nearly 50% of those surveyed said that alcohol was the perfect gift for a guest to bring.



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