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WATCH: Daniel Boulud On 'Being Brave'

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WATCH: Daniel Boulud On 'Being Brave'
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What does it take to become a Michelin-stared chef with his own global restaurant empire? For Daniel Boulud, it all boils down to bravery. 

"I think if you are brave enough to believe in yourself, fortune will follow you,'' he confesses in this recent video from InsideHook. Boulud, who decided to become a chef when he was a teenager in France, came to New York City in the early 1980s. He explains it was a very challenging time but he never gave up on his goal of becoming the chef de cuisine at the famous Le Cirque.

The chef eventually landed his dream job and the rest, as they say, is history. With a total of 17 restaurants spanning the globe and numerous awards under his belt, Boulud has become a success in his own right. But he's quick to point out that his career has been built upon risks, challenges and being brave enough to make big decisions. "Bravery isn't about waiting for the accolade, it's more about dealing with the punch," the chef explains.

Here's Boulud dishing more advice on being brave:

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