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The Ex-Noma Chef Who Wants to Feed a Million Schoolchildren

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The Ex-Noma Chef Who Wants to Feed a Million Schoolchildren
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Dan Giusti was head chef at Noma for four years before returning to his native United States to launch Brigaid in 2016, an organisation committed to improving the quality of food and food education in America's schools.

In a frank and passionate talk at the recent MAD6 symposium in Copenhagen, Giusti reveals how his new role is the best job he’s ever had and talks about the realities of feeding US schoolchildren on just $1 a day.

Giusti hopes to roll the project out further than the dozen or so schools in New York and Connecticut that it’s currently in, to one day reach millions of children across the US, but feels he is still not taken seriously by journalists and his peers, who expect him to return to restaurant cooking.

He also explains why chefs and food leaders need to break their obsession with accolades and use their influence to really affect change.

Watch below.

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