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What It's Like To Be A Coffee Snob

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What It's Like To Be A Coffee Snob
Photo Slackware/Flickr

Coffee snobs are everywhere. At independent coffee shops, perusing the aisles at your local organic market and probably sitting next to you on the subway judging your Venti-sized nonfat decaf soy latte. So what makes them snobs and what’s their basis for looking down on you if you buy ground coffee?

Dan Gentile over at Thrillist offers a glimpse of that world. A self-professed coffee snob who has “a taste for exceptional coffee and a general disdain for those who don’t,” Gentile makes nine eye-opening confessions that will have you laughing out loud.

For starters, he declares a coffee snob like himself has a certain criteria for friendship. “We can’t be friends if you put an ‘x’ in ‘espresso,” he writes, explaining that “there is clearly no “X” in the word “espresso.” 

Image via Den late ku/Flickr

Another gripe? Your coffee equipment. Gentile has a bone to pick with Keurig machines unless you are "a high-powered lawyer whose time is measured in Franklins per second." Why?  He wouldn’t “want to become infected with your bad choices.” However, you’ll pass the test if you own an Aeropress.

Although his comments are over the top, they give great insight into the life of someone who is passionate about coffee. Swing by Thrillist to read the rest of his hilarious article and, as he warns, prepare to dislike him a great deal ''if you only drink cheap coffee from gas stations.''

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