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11 Servers Share Tales of Customer Revenge

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11 Servers Share Tales of Customer Revenge
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We cast a lot of attention on chefs, their wonderful creations are plastered across social media and the most successful ones end up dominating our bookshelves and television. But what about the servers? The men and women who make sure our experience, from entrance to exit, runs perfectly.

Anyone who has worked as a waiter will know that dealing directly with the public presents its own unique set of complications. Most are lovely, but every now and then you encounter a bad one: a finger snapper, a yeller, a sneaky seater.

So, with this in mind, what happens when a customer goes too far? How do servers go about getting revenge on terrible customers? Thanks to Reddit we know the answer to these questions because a group of servers have got together to share their worse customer experiences and best customer revenge stories.

Take a look.


One time I was sitting tables and these people (One male, one female) come in and pretend I'm not there, even after I said hello and tried to seat them. The one guy almost pushed me out of the way even in an attempt to ignore me. They sat themselves in one of the emptier sections, which normally would not have been a big deal if they had just requested it. So whenever a family came in with small children who needed high chairs or the children were being fussy, I would just sit them around those two people. The dirty looks I got from the two people were priceless, and I got my passive aggressive revenge.


"If someone was being a dick, the chef would make their curry super hot (Indian restaurant)."


"Starbucks guy here. If a customer is exceptionally rude I just give them decaf."


"I work at Arby's, and one time, a woman in her mid thirty's came in, and started being extremely rude, complained about everything, and called us all horrible names. I gave her the senior discount. She didn't say a word afterwards."


"Been incredibly nice to them. Either they get to be nicer, or they despise you for not getting angry at their attempts to ruin your day."


"I worked at a coffee shop that served sandwiches and wraps. Whenever someone would be particularly rude or unfriendly, I would write words with the dressing squirt bottles on their bread or wraps. "Eat shit," "fuck you," whatever I felt like they deserved. It was harmless, but so satisfying."


"One night I had two tables about 25 feet apart. As I was taking an order from one, the other starts to snap their fingers to get my attention. I then ask the table ordering to excuse me a moment. I turned to the finger snapper, gave them a nice loud laugh, turned back to the take that was ordering and asked what side they would like with their entree. They looked at me like I was crazy and asked what the laugh was about. I told them that evidently the other table got me mixed up with their poodle. They thought it was funny too. The finger snapper stiffed me, but the other table more then made up for it."


"At my restaurant, if people seat themselves we completely ignore them and when they finally freak out and call us over we say "Oh I'm so sorry sir, whoever sat you will be along to help you shortly" and explain the policy that since we don't have a hostess the waitstaff "serves who they seat". There is a VERY obvious Please Wait to Be Seated sign, and those who blatantly ignore it deserve the looks of shock they get when I explain this to them. They can't even try to argue it and it's wonderful."


"Waiter here, umm squeeze lemons in their salad, their facial expressions are always awesome."


"My brother is a waiter at an Olive Garden. He told me that whenever someone is being rude to him, he would still remain as polite as possible. When it came time to pay, if they were to pay with a card, my brother would tell him that his card didn't go through. The guest is now squirming in his seat while my brother waits for another card or goes and "tries again" with the same card, which happens to go through the second time."


"I prefer to outsmart rude customers. An example... I had a party of people. One of them was a very rude woman. They were all drinking water, and I placed a pitcher of water on the table for them to share and distribute amongst themselves. She looks at me and says "What is this picture of water doing in front of me!?" and I looked at her and said "Well, it doesn't look like it's doing anything."



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