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Christian Puglisi on Integrating the Farm with the Kitchen

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Christian Puglisi is a great chef and one who has carved a strong position for himself at the centre of the Nordic food movement in Copenhagen with his Relæ restaurant.

Speaking at the latest Food on the Edge food symposium in Galway, Ireland, Puglisi presented some interesting ideas related to farming and cooking, and how the two can be paired better in the kitchen.

“Farm of Ideas, Integrating Cooking and Farming” is the title of the chef’s presentation and sees Puglisi talk about one of his newest projects, a pizza shop called Bæst.

It’s interesting to see how what many people would see as a simple product, pizza, is actually used as a foundation for deep research into technique and freshness of food.

To follow his pursuits, Puglisi has worked hard to integrate his kitchen directly with the farm and in this video he explains exactly why it’s so important.

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